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Creating Leaders At Every Level

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Creating Leaders At Every Level


Now, more than ever, people need inspirational and transformational leadership; at home, at work, in communities, here in America, and around the world. Our challenges are unprecedented.

In response to these challenging times, SLS has created a new transformational learning delivery model that will help improve culture and performance in just seven weekly one-hour virtual micro-workshops.

If you, as a community leader, are willing to admit that YOU can become an even better leader; if you are willing to commit to some simple but profound habit changes, than you are the ideal kind of person for this life-changing workshop experience. We live in a world of too much information and not enough transformation.

This workshop will help you become more of the kind of person people follow willingly, the kind that helps others achieve excellence and changes lives – inspiring families, communities, organizations, and the world to become better.

Benefits Of Our Virtual Workshop

  • A tool to measure your leadership competencies and strategies to maximize strengths and manage weaknesses.
  • A tool to measure employee engagement and a strategy to customize and personalize each employee engagement improvement plan.
  • You will receive the 3 C’s of Change tool and coaching on an effective accountability partner process resulting in new, life-changing habits.
  • One-on One Communication Tool and learning the most effective ways to give and receive feedback, replacing the outdated annual employee review process.
  • You will become dramatically more self-aware, learning your top 5 talent strengths and character virtues.
  • You will improve your positive psychology and emotional intelligence skills.
  • You will develop characteristics and talents to increase trust, build confidence, and inspire action.

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